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What we do

We do it right! From scheduling in detail to welcome you at the airport, all your stay in Greece with your activities and your departure, everything is planed with YOU and your thoughts for an unparalleled exciting holiday.

No matter if you are into Museums or sights, activities like rafting or wall-climbing, we got you covered. A holiday should be tailored to your needs and means of a vacation you will remember for many years and you will tell your friends about.

Or you love to take it easy and want to feel the sensation of the local food and wine on a gourmet journey of the countries best places. Greece is the destination, if you like to do wine tasting of the various areas  with famous wine yards. Why not get indulged with some of the famous wellness and Spa treatments? From Ancient time Greeks has been adhering these methods for medical reasons.
Greek experts on Radiotherapy protecting heart & lungs, as well as Radical Super Glue for Varicose Veins, have archived enormous solutions. Greek Medical Services are top rated worldwide.


Our Experience

We have more than 75 years of Experience

Local Suppliers

We have selected the most reliable local suppliers


We have 100's of International representations

Innovative packages

All our tours are carefully selected and customized


Our Team is always Up-to-Date of schedules and locations

4 Seasons

We offer services 365 Days a Year. YES! All-Year-round

Our Partners

Sorry, but we can not list all of our valuable Partners. They are so many

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Paul - Wichita, U.S.A.

more than 30 years

Paul is located in Wichita, south-central Kansas. He is specialized in International travel,Cruises and Air ticketing.

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Hossein - Rome, Italy

Best specialist for Italy

Handling Rome and Italy in a perfect way specialist in High-End services

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Serpil - Istanbul, Turkey

Leading tour operator

Responsible and operating throughout Turkey with great performance

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